Rental conditions

Personal renting conditions

  • Over the age of 18
  • Not under the influence of alcoholic, psychotropic or other material (even medicine) that adversely affects driving ability
  • Valid and at least "B" category driver's license or equivalent
  • Valid identity card (ID card, driver's license or passport)
  • Valid mobile phone availability, for foreign customers the name (address) of hotel or other temporary residence

Rental terms

  • Lessee shall pay the rental fee in advance. Rental fee is defined on a 30 or 60-minute basis. The rental term is continuous and may not be fragmented. In case of exceeding the rental term, 130% of the rental fee will be charged considering 5-minute excess intervals. The Lessee acknowledges that the time is kept by the rental term registry system.
  • Lessee may notify the Lessor on his/her remarks on the technical condition of the vehicle before the start of the rental term.
  • Oral information is presented with regard to the usage of the vehicle, Lessee has been acquainted with it. Lessee has seen and accepted the vehicle damage repair list.
  • The electronic vehicle shall be used properly and with due care solely on Margitsziget (Margaret Island) and on the prescribed routes. It is forbidden to use the vehicle on the main road that runs across Margitsziget! To protect the park it is strictly forbidden to drive on the green and also into any restricted areas. The Lessee shall be fully liable for any penalties levied for being off the prescribed routes! Lessee acknowledges that the operation of the vehicle can be prohibited remotely in case of breaching the above provisions. Driving on the green or into restricted zones will be punished by a surcharge of HUF 5,000 (or equivalent) per each crossing on green areas, based on the GPS registry system of the Lessor. Such amount may be requested to be deposited when renting out the vehicle.
  • The rental of the vehicle shall commence and end at the rental stand, only here can the Lessee hand down the vehicle at the end of the rental period.
  • Lessee shall rent the electric small vehicle in the condition, as is. Lessee shall be responsible for any damages to the vehicle that occurred during the rental term. After returning and surveying the vehicle a protocol will be made on the condition, which the Lessee is obliged to sign. In order to cover the damages the deposit requested by the Lessor shall be restrained, the owner of the vehicles shall account for such deposit after the repair of the damage. In case the vehicle is damaged the Lessee may be required also to reimburse the cost of the repair and at the sole discretion of the Lessor the Lessee may be immediately required to pay up to HUF 25,000, as advance payment.
  • It is forbidden to pass the wheel of the rented vehicle over to someone else!
  • The vehicle may be used solely for passenger transport! Maximum number of passengers shall be obeyed.
  • Lessee shall be fully liable for any personal injuries resulting from the improper use of the electric small vehicle or from other accidents!
  • Lessee shall be fully liable to maintain continuous supervision over the electric small vehicle during the rental term!
  • The speed of the small car may not exceed the maximum 8 km/h limit, even on a slope!
  • The Lessee, in addition to the rental fee, for cases of incidental damages resulting from the improper use or for the occasion violating the rental terms, shall pay a deposit for cover. The amount of the deposit is HUF 10.000,- and an identity card with photo of the Lessee, or HUF 25.000,-.